WTW A Reboot of the Matrix with MICHAEL B JORDAN

So word on the street is that Warner Brothers is testing the waters with a Matrix reboot according to The Hollywood Reporter  

Sources say there is potential interest in Michael B. Jordan to star, but much must be done before the project is ready to go. 

At this point, the Wachowski siblings, who wrote and directed the original and its two sequels, are not involved and the nature of their potential engagement with a new version has not been determined. Certainly, Warner Bros would want the two filmmakers to give at minimum a blessing to the nascent project. The studio had no comment. In our opinion WB should give Michael something original to do. He's a great actor and deserves his own franchise, and not the leftovers of someone else's movie. If WB wants to do a matirx movie so bad he could potential play a young Morpheus and show he was the first to escape the matrix. #BOOM WB cut us a check lol. 

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