The Great Qbert's Super Seal Giant Robo V.1 (White Vinyl) Vinyl 7"

So I just picked up a pair of these vinyl's of Qberts Super seal Giant Robo V.1 and I must say I am extremely satisfied. This is a must have for any scratch enthusiast like myself. You can purchase this at the Turntable Lab.

THE SUPER SEAL SAGA CONTINUES! Your favorite aquatic scratch mascot returns to bring you more skipless skratch goodies to cut it up fresh. Super Seal Giant Robo V.1 delivers a whole side of time tested scratch samples (skipless of course), and some nasty double time practice beats on the flip. Best of all, the record is pressed on 45 so you can rock it on your portable. Part one (the head) of a seven record series that connects covers to form a massive robot (turntable Voltron?) drawing by Eastthree. Back cover cameo by Super Seal himself. Limited edition, grab it while you can! Turntablelab

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