The Get Down Part II on Netflix April 7th

Major shoutout to Netflix they are  doing something a little different with its hiphop series from Baz Luhrmann, The Get Down part II comes out April 7th. The first season was amazing to me and taught me some things about how back in the day DJ's had cue points.Needless to say the generation of DJ's before my time deserves way more respect then what they have been given

The series focuses on the creation of music genres such as hip-hop and disco in 1970s New York, paying particularly close attention to a group of teenagers from the South Bronx. 

Part I came out in August 2016 and featured plenty of flashy costumes and musical numbers, as one can expect from Luhrmann. From the looks of the trailer, part II will keep this up and see the teens attempt to take their music "from minor to major league." I'm geeked about this season. Here's the trailer below.

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