IKEA Is Entering the DJ Game Now

IKEA is on its way to revolutionizing just how passively enthusiastic we can be about home decor and entertainment. The Swedish-founded Dutch-based company, famous for providing legions of millenials with bare minimum furnishing essentials, is getting into the home entertainment game by announcing a line of DJ equipment. 

IKEA has officially announced the soon-to-be-released line of sound equipment alongside Swedish audio tech company Teenage Engineering. The line has been dubbed the Frekvens range, Swedish for "frequency." The collection will feature 22 items including an “electronic choir, vinyl player, party lighting and everything else you need in order to throw a really good music party,” according to the company. It will consist of a vinyl record turntable, an electronic choir, and party spotlights. No word on if the lights have strobing capabilities, but if they do, you can bet we're hooking that up at our next bloghouse-themed loft party. 


The products will also presumably include wall and/or ceiling attachment hardware, so you don't accidentally bump it while you're in the throes of Shiny Toy Guns.Research shows 65% of all Millennials aged 18-29 year olds play music to get a “homely feeling.”  With proof of just how insatiably music is consumed in the home setting, IKEA was inspired to get in on the audio obsession. These items will not be available until FEB 2019 are you ready?


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